The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

If you're struggling with crippling shame in your life this TED talk is for you. It does a great job identifying our fear of being shamed by the people in our lives and how this limits us tremendously. I love this talk  because it inspires people to be brave.


Cerebral 99 Problems Palsy by Maysoon Dayid

If you're looking to laugh and be inspired, this talk is for you. Maysoon is a palestinian woman from NJ who has cerebral palsy and talks about her condition, her upbringing, and the stereotypes that exist about disabled people. I especially like it because she is really funny and addresses sensitive issues with humor and grace.


    My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

    This talk was made by a neurologist who had a stroke at 39 and lived to tell about the experience and her remarkable recovery. I love her book and her talk because she tells you what it's like to have a stroke, and how getting immediate treatment is critical.


    Why We Do What We Do by Tony Robbins

    This talk is about the role emotion plays in driving our behavior. I love this talk because it actually celebrates emotion and sends the clear message that the key to success is to access emotions and express them appropriately.


      His and by Paula Johnson

      This talk brings to light how important it is that separate medical research be done for men and women. I especially like it because she makes a complex topic simple and understandable.