My goal is to motivate you that change is possible

Ann has a way of teaching that is very informative and concrete. She gave me the tools to make immediate changes.
— Engineeer, Redwood City, CA

Whether you're unhappy or dissatisfied at work or in your personal life, the fact that you're struggling and you know you're struggling is the first step toward positive change. 

Learning to get connected to your internal experience is the most important skill in life. Many people are afraid of it - it can be scary, and painful, and overwhelming - but it's nothing to be afraid of!

I want to help you use that invaluable information to forge a path forward - a better path, one that's fulfilling and satisfying.

I have experience speaking along three main topics:


Mindful Parenting

  • Stop yelling and start connecting
  • Mindful listening: the parent's super power
  • Reclaiming the (empty) nest

Women and Change

  • Leaning in - your way!
  • Why discontent is a gift
  • The art of mindful change

Mindfulness At Work

  • The power of a pause
  • The myth of multitasking
  • Stress busters

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