Are you wondering how this moody teen replaced your sweet, lovable child?

Then you could benefit from a mindful parenting workshop!  Our six week program is designed to support you as you navigate the challenging teenage years. 

Most parents don't understand their teens and feel unprepared about what to do when things go wrong. My teaching partner, Wynn Burkett and I decided to create this program to help bridge the gap.

Our workshops give parents the opportunity to reflect on their own reactions, and learn how mindfulness can help them handle things more skillfully

Less Conflict. More Connection.

It's easy to get triggered by your teen's behavior - the backtalk, the eye-rolling, the scary risk taking. Yet yelling back and reacting strongly doesn't work, and often makes the situation even worse.

We help you learn to focus on your own experience so you can control your reactions better.

Instead of trying to change your teen, we help you modify your own responses so you yell less and connect more which is what we all want

I noticed a difference right away. When I slow down
and pause we are less reactive towards one another.
— Mother of 17 year old daughter

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